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How to use Use Wingdings & Webdings Fonts for Bullet Points in MS Excel ?

How to work with Bullet Points in Microsoft Excel ?

About Wingdings & Webdings Fonts

Wingdings and Webdings are Microsoft dingbat fonts. Web and wingdings don’t have Unicode compatible Character encoding. However, there are equivalents, but a bit more difficult to find. You can download Wingdings fonts from Calligraphic or Font-Script. Also, Webdings fonts free is also available. You can also see the character maps of these fonts to understand more.

Tutorial in Brief

Both of the font styles will show an icon instead of an alphabet or number. If you enter any number or alphabet you will get a cool icon instead. You’ll even get a different symbol for a capital letter and a lower letter. To insert a simple black dot use small “l” & small “n” in Webdings & Wingdings respectively.

Use Wingdings & Webdings Font Style To Insert Bullet point In Excel

More ways to work with Bullet Points in MS Excel

Below are the summarized list of processes you can follow to add and work with Bullet points in excel –


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