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Download free Excel & Spreadsheet Templates, Dashboards, Tools and Calculators for Personal and Professional use. Templates and Dashboards for Invoices, Project Management and Business/ Management Information Systems (MIS).
Download free invoice and billing templates for business and personal use. Get calendar and activity planner templates for management of your day-to-day activities and holidays. Budget templates are helpful in defining your budgets for business and personal finance. Also, you can explore tutorials for Excel and enhance your understanding. Master various formulae and functions in Excel. Explore now and grab your excel template.

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Recently Uploaded Excel Templates

Online BMI Calculator

Free and Easy to Use Online Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator by Exceldownloads for personal and professional use.

Create beautiful Presentation

Create Best and Professional Presentations and Pitch Decks using Free PowerPoint and Google Slide Presentation Templates, Designs and Diagrams. Use these templates to showcase your Excel Working in a Professional Manner.

Deliver a professional Excel & Spreadsheet Dashboards

Use free Excel Templates, Tools and Dashboards to create and draft a professional looking dashboards and computation sheet for your personal and business use. You can Explore Calendars, Activity Planners, Invoice Templates, Sales Forecast Sheets, Budget templates and various business information delivering Templates in Excel and Spreadsheet at Excel Downloads. 

These templates, dashboards and tools are useful in various occasions. You can also customize these templates as per your requirement. Modification of fields and data source helps in making the template more relevant.

Online Financial Calculators

Free and Easy to use Financial Analysis Calculators by ExcelDownloads. Useful for consultants, business managers, Investors, Professionals and more.
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Excel Ideas : Blogs and Articles

Learn about various tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheet. Create best templates and dashboards using free tricks and tutorials in excel and spreadsheet. These tutorial posts are useful for everyone who wants to master the skills in excel and spreadsheet.

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