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Create detailed reports based on your rent ledger data to review past claims or analyze trends. This category contains excel templates pertaining to Rental Accounts and Rental Ledger. Whether you are a residential property owner, or commercial property owner or even a tenant, you can create your own customized rental ledger account.

By creating a rental ledger account, it will help you manage your finances and working capital. Rental expenditure/ income is a recurring item. For some, it can be recurring source of income and for some, it can be recurring expenses – over a given or agreed period of time.

When people take valuation of properties and businesses, discounted cash flow (DCF) values of future income and expeneses is done. This ledger can give an idea to the valuation team on account of rental portion. All the templates provided here are fully customizable and you can make changes as per your requirement. However, we suggest to be careful with formulae, auto computing cells and links within the workboks. Visit ExcelDownloads for more templates, dashboards and calculators.

Landlord-Rental-Payment-Ledger-Template Feature Image

LandLord Rental Payment Ledger

If you are landlord of multiple properties, this template will help you keep track of all the payments received and receivable from various tenant. Download now and start tracking your rental income.


Net Rental Income Ledger

If you want to summarize all the inflow and outflow of cash for your flats, apartments, buildings and commercial properties – this might be the simple and elegant template to get started with. This is a free excel template for net rental income ledger. Download now and get started.

Room-Rental-Ledger-Template-feature image

Room Rental Ledger

Capture the income and expenses for your room rental business using this free excel template. Explore similar rental ledger templates for personal and professional use.


Simple Rental Ledger

If you are looking for a simple rental ledger excel template to get started with, this template can be the best choice. It comes with basic fields and it is easy to customize. Download now and explore.


Simple Monthly Rental Ledger

If you want an excel tracker to keep track of your rental charges for month on month basis, this template is the best. Explore similar rental ledger templates and organize your rental amount/ charges for personal and business accounts.


Tenant Rental Ledger

If you want to track the rental charges for a given period of time, you can download this template and keep track of all the rental payments/ receipt in your business and personal accounts. Download similar rental ledger templates.


Apartment Rental Ledger

Download free rental ledger excel template for Apartments and Housings. If you are an apartment owner then this template might be useful to track all your rental payment ledger from various tenants. Explore now.

Annual-Rental-Ledger-Template Feature Image

Annual Rental Ledger

If you want to create an Annual Rental Ledger Account in Excel, you can use this template to keep track of rent due, collection done, pending receipts and late fees. This is a very simple and easy to use excel template. Download Now.

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Data Analytics and Computation Made Easier with Free Excel Templates

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