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Length Units Conversion

Length Units Conversion


Be it any Excel User or any general student, teacher or professional – Length or distance conversion is something everyone comes up in their life. In school days, we often used and memorized the conversion table or multipliers to remember how to conver units. However, during the surge of results and quick resolution we often require support. Thus, this tool for conversion of length or distance plays a vital role. 

How to convert length or distance units using this tool ?

To use this length or distance units converter tool, follow the steps below;

  • Enter the Length or Distance value in the input field,
  • Select the unit you are converting from,
  • Select the unit you want to convert to.
  • Click the “Convert” button,
  • Result will be displayed below in the output field.

How to convert length or distance units using Microsoft Excel ?

Since we are an Excel Dedicated website offering resources and tutorials to Excel Users, we also would like to offer you a complete tutorial to convert your Length or Distance unit from one to another in Excel as well. 

Simply go to >> 

Tutorial blog comes with a video as well to help you understand the full process quickly. 

Basic List of Length or Distance Conversion Table

Below table is a basic conversion multiplier table for Lenght and Distance. Here the reference unit is Meters. Meaning that, if you have a unit and want to convert it into meter first, you can use the multiplier value easily.

For example, if I have to convert 1000 Millimeters into Meters, I will Multiply it with 0.001 and get the results, i.e. 1 meters.

UnitConversion Factor (Into Meters)
Nautical Miles1852
Light Years9,460,730,472,580,800


Thus, this tool and blogpost has helped you to quickly convert length and distance units into the desired unit. Also, we have discussed about conversion table and tutorial on how to convert the length or distance in Microsoft Excel. 

Length Units Converter for Excel Users by ExcelDownloads. Explore Now
Easily convert units of length from one to another. This tool is free to use. Helpful for excel users and other general users. Explore now !

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