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Project issue tracker excel template feature image

Project Issue Tracker

Keep your project on track using this accessible template. Manage risk by logging issues and tracking them to completion visually. Project Issues requires timely addressable and resolution process for meeting the set timeline. This template can be helpful in collating the issues faced in a project.

Fitness progress tracker for men (metric) excel template feature image

Fitness Progress Tracker (Men)

Monitor your progress with this fitness chart template for men. Log your weight and body measurements, and your body mass index (BMI), estimated body fat percentage, and lean body weight will be calculated automatically. A graphical chart for displaying your weight and BMI changes over time is also included.

Fitness and weight loss chart for women (metric) excel template feature image

Weight Loss Chart (Women)

Track your weight loss and fitness progress with this template, which has a worksheet for weekly weight and measurements in metric units, and charts that show progress of measurements, weight, BMI and body fat.

Website-Hosting-Register-Excel-Template Feature Image

Website Hosting Register

Download free excel template for capturing details on website hosting clients, manage multiple hosting accounts,

Donation tracker excel template. Use this template to track your donations, fundraiser goals and charitable inflows. Explore ExcelDownloads for more

Donation Tracker

Introduction This is a donation tracker excel template. This is a ready to use and

Credit Card Tracker Feature Image

Credit Card Tracker

Credit card tracker enables you to track charges, transaction fees, and payments to your credit card account. The running balance is calculated automatically using free excel template.

Sales-Campaigns-Planner-Excel-Template Feature Image

Sales Campaign Planner

Download free excel template to plan various activities for your sales and marketing campaign. You

Appointment sign in format in excel feature image

Appointment Sign-In

Download appointment sign-in format in Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheet. This is a printable format for

Confirmation Tracker Excel Template by feature image

Confirmation Tracker

Download this candidate confirmation tracker free excel template. HR Personnel, executive and managers can use this free confirmation

Headcount analysis using excel free template download feature image

Headcount Analysis

This Headcount Analysis Free Template is a time-saving and easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet. You can customize

PTO Tracker Excel Template Download Feature Image

Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking

If you want to manage all the PTO Types using a single document for all employees (and you should), download this free Excel PTO Tracker right now.

Bill Tracker Excel Template Post Feature Image

Bill Tracker

Bill trackers – Bill tracking tools allow a user to track the progress of a bill

Baby Name Finder Excel Template_ExcelDownloads

Baby Name Finder

Whether you’re looking for a unique baby name or researching a family favorite, this smart template can help you find the perfect name for a child. Enter a name in the workbook and get instant meanings of names, famous people with that name, naming statistics over time, popularity, and more with this baby names tracker powered by Wolfram.

Data Analytics Made Easy with Templates

Data Analytics and Computation Made Easier with Free Excel Templates

Excel Downloads provides a range of helpful resources, such as Free Templates, Dashboards, Calculators, Tools and Tutorials, that can simplify the lives of various professionals, consultants, business managers, business owners, students, and teachers. These resources can aid in the organization of day-to-day computational tasks and activities, tracking of project timelines, management of project activities, scheduling of appointments using calendar management, and keeping attendance records.

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