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In today’s world, where there is constant development around social media and metaverses, a content update plan becomes essential. To keep your profile adequate and engaging you need to have the proper tools in place for posting on time with regularity as well as exclusivity throughout various platforms like Facebook or Twitter; these online applications automate many features that help create premiere posts tailored specifically towards followers by utilizing machine learning algorithms which means no more guessing what will work best when it comes down picking between promoting an event versus asking people about themselves!

However, having said that, there is a price to these cool features and not everyone can afford these. Thus, we can make use of easily and freely available tools like excel and spreadsheet to formulate a content plan. You can also define this activity as content marketing strategy. For a free tool with a built-in publishing timeline and monthly calendar, this content update calendar in excel and spreadsheet comes into play. This template is useful for upcoming brands, social media influencers, content marketing strategist, social media consultants and many other professionals.

About Content Calendar Free Excel Template

This template has worksheet named as – Content, Calendar, Hashtags and Settings. One of the main things to realize is that you need to edit the titles, descriptions and dates in the “Content” worksheet and only use the Calendar worksheet to view the publish dates within a monthly calendar (up to 3 per day).

  • HOLIDAYS: A lot of social media posts are themed based on upcoming holidays, so that is why our calendar includes some of the common U.S. holidays and observances in the Settings worksheet. However, the calendar view only shows up to one of these events per day. You can edit this list as per your requirement. However, we suggest to stay careful with the applied formula and linking in the whole template.
  • COLLABORATION: To use the content calendar in collaboration with other people on your team, you’ll either need to ALL be using Office 365 (to use Excel with real-time collaboration), or you can use the Google Sheets version.
  • IMAGES/VIDEOS: You can create a shared folder in Google Sheets to store your draft and final images used for your social media content.
  • DESCRIPTION LENGTH: Social media posts often prefer a short description, so the Length column uses the LEN() function to count the characters in the Description column. This is useful because the length of description and characters allowed in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, WhatsApp, Tik Tok is different.
  • HASHTAG ORGANIZER: One of the worksheets not shown in the screenshot above is a table for organizing your hashtags. This stands to be extremely useful for keeping track of the hashtags you want to use for Instagram posts, LinkedIn Posts, Facebook Posts etc. By using the Sort feature in Excel and Google Sheets, you can categorize your tags, and mark which ones you want to include. Then, Sort the “INCLUDED” column so that the tags you want to include are listed at the top. Then, you can easily copy and paste directly into your post.
Additional Usage of Content Update Template

This template can be helpful for you, being a business owner, social media influencer or a social media consultant in delivering or planning the following things –

  1. Create wonderful content calendar for all your social media profiles
  2. Social media calendar for your business or client
  3. Content marketing strategy can be effective with a content update plan
  4. SEO Consultants can plan their delivery more effectively
  5. Editorial calendar plan can also be formulated and implemented
How to download and use content update template in Excel ?

To use this free content update schedule excel template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel installed in your system. After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the zip file of this template, extract the template using WinRAR or 7Zip decompressing software. Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

In Addition to this social media update schedule template, check out other related excel timeline and project templates and dashboards like – Milestone Charting Roadmap Excel Template, Project Milestones Excel Template, Project Budget (WBS) Template in Excel and Date Tracking Gantt Chart. These project based templates can also be customized to plan your project timelines and track the work breakdown structure for your social media and content optimization project.

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