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Download free excel templates as per United Kingdom (UK) VAT Act for calculate your tax liability payable to HRCM. This template for UK VAT is useful for personal and business use.

This template covers all legal compliances and legal provisions as per UK VAT Act. It is customizable as per the requirement. This template is useful to small and medium-sized businesses that don’t use any software for record-keeping.

About UK VAT Act

VAT Law in the United Kingdom (UK) is governed mainly by the Value Added Tax Act 1994 as amended by subsequent Finance Acts. But, there are many rules in Statutory Instruments. These are either orders made by the Treasury or regulations made by HMRC.

The Value-Added Tax Act provides for the taxation of the supply of goods and services and the importation of goods. This Act is applicable to all registered VAT vendors.

What is VAT Payable?

VAT payable is VAT liability paid by the businesses registered under VAT in the UK (United Kingdom). When we make sales we collect VAT on it. We issue Credit Notes and Debit Notes against invoices that we need to adjust while calculating VAT payable.

Furthermore, we can recover VAT input tax on purchases that we make for providing a taxable supply. This VAT input reduces tax liability and hence is deduct from total output tax.

Furthermore, as per VAT Notice 735 of the UK VAT Law, you have to pay VAT under reverse charge under some conditions.

Formula of Calculate UK VAT Payable

VAT Payable = VAT Output Tax – VAT Input Tax


  • Input VAT = VAT on Purchases + VAT allowable (acquisitions) – Input Tax Adjustment + Bad debt relief – VAT Debit Notes, And
  • Output VAT = VAT on Sales + VAT due (acquisitions) – Output Tax Adjustments + Annual adjustment (retail/apportionment scheme) – VAT Credit Notes

About UK VAT Payable Calculator Excel Template

You can use this simple and easy UK VAT Payable Calculator Excel Template with predefine formulae to compute your VAT Liability to HMRC under UK VAT Act. For this, Start by just entering few details about your business transactions and it will automatically calculate your VAT liability.

Additionally, you can calculate input vat as well as output vat separately. This template can be helpful to small and medium-size business. This template consists of following sections:

  • Heading,
  • Input VAT Amount, and
  • Output VAT Amount.

1. Heading Section

The heading section consists of company name, log and sheet heading. Insert your logo and name of your company to customize as per your needs.

2. Input VAT Section

Now, Input VAT section consists of following:

  • VAT on Purchase
  • VAT allowable – acquisition
  • Input Tax Adjustment
  • Bad debt relief
  • VAT Debit Notes

Insert the above detail and template automatically calculates Subtotal amount.

  • Subtotal = VAT on Purchases + VAT allowable (acquisitions) – Input Tax Adjustment + Bad debt relief
  • Total Tax Deductible = Subtotal – Vat Debit Notes

3. Output VAT Section

Finally, Output VAT consists of following:

  • VAT on Sales
  • VAT due (acquisitions)
  • Output Tax Adjustments
  • Annual adjustment (retail/apportionment scheme)
  • VAT Credit Notes

This template can be useful to small and medium-sized businesses like wholesalers, semi-wholesale and trading.

Download and Use UK VAT Payable Calculator in Excel

To use this free UK VAT Payable Calculator Template in excel, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the zip file of this template, extract the template using WinRAR or 7Zip decompressing software. Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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