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Introduction to SAP HCM Module (HR) & Download T Code List 

T Code of PA Module (HCM) in SAP in Excel Feature Image

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is also called SAP-HR. SAP HCM consists of important sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time, Payroll all of which will be discussed in detail.

SAP HR modules

SAP HR consist of the following modules

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Travel Management

Organization management in HCM Module

Organization management is a very important sub-module of SAP HR. It enables the organization to represent the organizational plan and analysis of the current plan. It also allows you to create additional plans and create better workflow management.

Functions of Organization management Sub-Module

  • Creating graphical reports of organization structure
  • Managing Information on Departments/ Org Units
  • Tracking of Positions in various departments
  • Maintaining Jobs
  • Reporting relationships
  • Vacancy related reports

Personnel Administration in HCM Module

Personnel Administration is an important sub-module of SAP systems. It records essential employee’s information. It helps you to perform various administrative tasks like hiring the employees, personnel information, travel expenses, payroll accounting, etc.

Important functions of Personnel Administration module are

  • Individual Infotype maintenance
  • Contract Elements
  • Monitoring of dates family/related person
  • Education
  • Other/previous Entity Relationship
  • Cost distribution
  • Internal medical service

Time Management (TM) in HCM Module

Time management is another important sub-module of HR and records employee data. It is mostly is related to attendance, time evaluation, shifts, etc.

Here are some important functions of Time Management Module

  • Holiday calendar
  • Personal work schedule
  • Monthly work schedule
  • Attendance and absence quotas
  • Attendance check
  • Graphical attendance/leave reporting
  • Activity allocation

Payroll in HCM Module of SAP ERP

SAP payroll module helps you to process the payment for the work done by employees. It includes wages, medical benefits, taxes, deductions, etc. SAP payroll module is also integrated with other modules like personal administration, time management, financial accounting, and so on.

Here are some important functions of Payroll system

  • Gross payroll accounting with automatic wage calculation
  • Automatic special payments computation
  • Full gross/net retroactive accounting
  • Data exchange with social insurance agencies, banks, etc.

Training and Event Management in HCM Module (SAP)

Training and Event Management module deals with recognizing training needs, scheduling training process, cost management, etc.

Travel Management in HCM Module

This SAP module includes managing official trips, cost management for travel, travel expenses, etc.

Important functions of Travel management

  • Entry of trip data
  • Calculation of meal allowance
  • Maintain receipts claim
  • Advance payment
  • Representation of internal company rules
  • Trip-specific account assignment
  • Simulation of statement

Download SAP T Code List for HCM Module


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