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Download free excel template for Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). This template is useful for HR Personnel, HR Managers, Business Leaders, Line Managers and Consultants. With this performance improvement plan (PIP) template, you can create individualized, action-orientated, step-by-step plan to improve the performance of staffs and employees who are either underperforming or want them to perform as per business objectives.

About Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Excel Template

Once you download this template, you will see it comes with three sheets, namely, PIP Template, Column Description and Example. In PIP Template, you will find the empty template. In Column Description, you can find the descriptive explanation about what the column is and what is expected to be filled in those columns. Lastly, in the Example Sheet, you will find a Completed Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for reference purpose.

This is a complete and only set of document you will ever need to conduct or formulate a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for your organization or client.

Components in a PIP Template 

If we talk about the columns in  this template, it cover the following items;

  • Performance Variance Description : Here you will have to specify the performance indicator falling outside the Performance Corridor identified in the Service Accountability Agreement – e.g. Negative Operating Margin.
  • Metric : The quantitative measurement connected with the described indicator will be updated here.
  • Causal Factors : Use this column to describe the factors and root causes creating the negative indicator score.
  • Corrective Actions Needed : Here, you will have to specify, in detail, the actions which will be taken to eliminate the negative condition and restore it to within the Performance Corridor as agreed in the Service Accountability Agreement. If the required actions are to be implemented in phases, provide details for each of the phases.
  • Staffing and Service Impacts : Here you can describe, in detail, the impacts that the corrective action will have on staffing and service levels. If the required actions are to be implemented in phases, provide details for the impacts of each of the phases.
  • Community HSP/Stakeholder Impacts : Describe any anticipated impacts on community HSPs or other key local stakeholders
  • Planned Mitigation : In this column, you can describe the plans that will be enacted to effectively minimize the staffing and service level impacts. If the required actions are to be implemented in phases, provide details of the mitigation plans for each of the phases.
  • Targeted Timeframe : Estimate the targeted date for the achievement of the Fiscal Year Impact (in $).
  • Fiscal Year Impact (in $) : Estimate the dollar value o f savings/cost for the fiscal year
  • Annualized Fiscal Year Impact (in $) : Annualize the dollar value of FY impact
  • One-time Cost Description : Describe the one time cost associated with the action
  • One-time Cost (in $) : Estimate the dollar value of the one-time cost.

Notes : 

If the space provided is insufficient to describe the action plans fully, supplementary information should be submitted as part of the PIP.

Also, this template is fully customizable hence, you can use your own relevant currency. USD (Dollars) has been applied as an example in this template.

Example of Basic Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Below are some of the examples of basic performance improvement plan (PIP). Although, these examples are not directly co-relatable with the template, these examples can help you quickly grasp the idea and intent behind PIP and its essence. Source of these examples of PIP is AIHR. You can visit them for more understanding.

Example 1: Chronic absenteeism and lateness

Goal: Reduce absenteeism
Objectives: No absences for 8 weeks, arrive on time for shifts
Problem: To achieve the above objective, the PIP should clearly demonstrate to the employee how their absences and late arrivals are impacting their colleagues and the businesses. Next, the root cause for the absence should be determined – for example, is it a transport or childcare issue?
Plan: Based on the challenges an employee is facing, a support structure can be put in place. For example, perhaps this employee needs access to more reliable transport, or perhaps they need to switch shifts to be able to look after a child.
Check-ins: Every Monday at 9 am for the next 8 weeks
Metrics: Tracking whether an employee arrives for each shift on time.

Example 2: Poor team performance

Goal: Improve the general motivation and morale of a mid-manager
Objectives: To help a mid-manager inspire their team to greater productivity by developing their own motivation and positive attitude.
Problem: It has been identified by a team supervisor that one of the teams in their business unit is underperforming versus the other teams in the unit. The problem is the manager, who appears unmotivated, negative, and is not on top of team reports and feedback sessions. As the team was previously a top-performing team, the first step is to identify changes in the manager’s life and outlook so that an action plan can be put in place. It is also important to show – through data – how their recent change in attitude is impacting the entire team.
Plan: To address the issue, management training will be implemented, a mentor assigned to address motivation and negativity, and key performance metrics put in place linked to performance bonuses.
Check-ins: Wednesdays at 2 pm to review the week’s performance wins and upcoming goals.
Metrics: Team productivity and customer satisfaction

To ensure that PIP activity adds real value to the business and attainment of its objectives, as per AIHR, below are some of the key things to keep consider;

  • Start with acceptable performance
  • Make sure the PIP is worth the effort
  • Create measurable objectives (Example: SMART Goals)
  • Focus on support
  • Take a collaborative approach
  • Be clear about the consequences

To understand the above pointers, visit blog by AIHR (PIP BlogPost)

Download and use Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Excel template

To use this free excel PIP template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel installed in your system.

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the zip file of this template, extract the template using WinRAR or 7Zip or WinZIP (Recommended) decompressing software.

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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