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This page offers collection of Excel and Spreadsheet templates designed as Checklist or List. Excel and Spreadsheets are used for various purposes, one being for Listing or Tracking Checklists.

This page has templates for Invoice Listing, Maintenance Checklist, Grocery Checklist, Equipment Inventory Listing, Service Price Listing. These free excel templates are useful for both personal and business uses. You can customize the fields and formulas in the list templates using Excel or Spreadsheet application to make it more relevant.

Equipment inventory list excel template feature image

Equipment Inventory List

Knowing the condition of your company’s equipment is essential to keeping your business running. This equipment inventory template can help.

Holiday shopping budget feature image

Holiday Shopping Budget

Use this free excel template to organize your holiday shopping. Understand what you want to purchase, what you have purchased, how much it all cost, who you’re shopping for, and even if it’s been wrapped or not.

Home contents inventory list feature image

Home Contents Inventory

Keep a listing of your home contents for insurance purposes. This accessible template tracks item details, purchase cost, current value, and photos.

Grocery checklist with space for brand feature image

Grocery Checklist

Use this grocery checklist to help you keep track of the things you need to buy. Add to or modify the items on the list to personalize it before you go shopping. Check off each item as you purchase it.

Office maintenance schedule feature image

Office Maintenance Schedule

Use this maintenance schedule template to define the cleaning and organizing tasks to be done around the office. Set the frequency required for each task, and then sort or filter by frequency.

Invoice tracker excel template feature image

Invoice Tracker

Monitor your accounts receivable with this invoice tracker. Payment dates, customer names, amount due, amount paid, and amount outstanding are tracked with this spreadsheet template.

Product price list excel template feature image

Product Price List

Create a list of products your company sells using this accessible price list template, which includes columns for retail and bulk pricing.

Warehouse inventory excel template feature image

Warehouse Inventory

Warehouse Inventory is a free excel inventory information based template allows users to track and maintain inventory bin locations within a warehouse.

Software Inventory list with Details in Excel Feature Image

Software Inventory Tracking

Download this free Software Inventory Tracking Excel Template. This is useful for businesses, firms and consultants to

Camping Checklist Template in Excel By Feature Image

Camping Checklist

We find this very useful to not only use a Camping Checklist for planning purposes


Basic Equipment Sign out

Download basic equipment sign out and equipment checklist free excel template. This is a equipment and maintenance based spreadsheet template. Get it now.


Meeting Agenda List

Meetings are usually convened with list of agendas. Usually personal assistants and meeting managers circulate

Project Task List Excel Template Feature Image

Project Task List

The Excel Project task list template demonstrates how you can track tasks using a spreadsheet,


Simple Task Lists

The Simple Task Lists Excel templates on this page demonstrate some of the many ways

Business plan checklist with SWOT analysis_ExcelDownloads Post Image

Business Plan Checklist (with SWOT)

Using this Business Plan Checklist, you can assign owners and completion dates to the key activities. These activities can be based on things and items that needs to be performed when preparing a formal business plan.

Data Analytics Made Easy with Templates

Data Analytics and Computation Made Easier with Free Excel Templates

Free Templates, Dashboards, Calculators, Tools and Tutorials offered by Excel Downloads makes it easier for Professionals, Consultants, Business Managers, Business Owners, Students and Teachers to organize their day to day computational tasks and activity, track their project timelines, allocation of project activities, calendar management and attendance sheets.

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