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The free Employee Leave Tracker excel and spreadsheet template allows you to track sick leave, vacation, personal leave, paid and unpaid leave of your employees and staffs.

You can record either full day or half day leave for any number of employees and summarize the results on both a monthly and yearly basis with the help of Free Excel template for Employee Leave tracker. The template can also be used to create a leave schedule or shift schedule.

This template can be useful for small and medium sized companies, firms and start ups to manage the leaves and attendance of their employees.

About Free Employee Leave Tracker Template in Excel

You can use this spreadsheet as both a leave tracker and a leave schedule. If you are entering¬†planned leave, then you’ll need to realize that the YearToDate (YTD) worksheet is counting everything you’ve entered in the 12 monthly worksheets (not just the leave used up to the current date).

In that case, it may be more accurate to call the “Year To Date” worksheet a “Yearly Summary” instead.

How to Use Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template ?
    • STEP 1: Edit the Year and Labels in the YearToDate (YTD) worksheet

You can edit the labels in the Year worksheet and those changes will carry over to the monthly worksheets automatically. By “labels“, it means the types of employee leave (Sick, Personal, paid, unpaid, as the case maybe) and the letters used for different types of leave.

This template allows you to track up to 6 different types of employee leave (Download the template to check the types of leaves). If you need to track more than that, it is possible to add more columns, but doing so will require familiarity with Excel and editing formulas.

  • STEP 2: Enter Employee Names in the YearToDate (YTD) worksheet

Enter the list of Employee Names in the YearToDate (YTD) worksheet. The monthly worksheets use formulas to look up the name based on the Employee ID, so you won’t need to enter the Employee Names in each separate worksheet. The activity happens automatically in the other monthly sheets.

The Employee ID column is used in lookup formulas, so it is critical that you use unique Employee ID values. The template includes rows for up to 30 employees. You can add more rows by inserting rows above the bottom gray row and then copying formulas down from the previous row.

You’ll need to do this in all worksheets, and make sure the employee IDs are correct.

  • STEP 3: Save a Backup of the Template

To make things easier for next year, save a backup copy of the template at this point. You can use it as the starting point for your leave schedule for future years.

  • STEP 4: Use Monthly Worksheets to Record Leave

The main limitation of this template has to do with counting leave based on days rather than hours. If you want to track leave on an hourly basis, see the Vacation Accrual template.

The drop-down lists in the Monthly worksheets allow you to select the letters associated with the different types of leave. If you want to track half-days, you can change “V” to “HV” or “VH” to count a half-day. Look at the formulas in the “Totals” columns to see how this works.

Last but not the least, the color scheme of this excel template for tracking employee leave is set to green and blue mix. Color Scheme is changeable as per the requirement.

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Note : You can also take printout of this employee leave tracker. This is a printable employee leave tracker excel template. To learn how to print excel worksheet or workbook, visit > tutorial.

How to download and use Employee Leave Tracker Excel template ?

To use this free EMPLOYEE LEAVE TRACKER template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel installed in your system. After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the zip file of this template, extract the template using WinRAR or 7Zip decompressing software. Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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