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Download free excel template for tracking candidates and applicants for any job application. This template is useful for HR personnel and recruitment agency employees. This template is easy to use, customize and print. You can also share this template via Google Drive or One drive and work collaboratively with team members to update the tracker.

Understanding the recruitment process

The recruitment process, in general, differs from company to company. However, every recruitment process consists of the following five major steps, namely,

  • Receiving applications from candidates,
  • Sorting the applications received,
  • Screening interviews and calls,
  • Issuing offers and Letter of Intent, and
  • Joining or onboarding process.

Receiving Applications from candidates

The recruitment process starts with receiving applications for the approved post. An organization receives applications through multiple sources such as recruitment agencies, direct applications, internal employees, etc.

Defining the sources during the application process helps to know the effectiveness of sources of application.

Sorting of Applications received

Usually, the number of application that a company receives are high in numbers. You need to sort these applications based on different criteria such as minimum experience, qualification, etc.

The scrutinizing of applications eliminates unwanted applications and provides useful CVs according to the given criteria.

Interviewing Applicants and screening process

The third process is the interviewing process. If the job profile is general there is only one interview. Usually, corporate companies use multiple interviewing to finalize their candidates. This process also eliminates non-suitable candidates.

The interviewing process for technical job posts requires additional interviews. These additional interviews help the recruiters to know the practical skills of the candidates.

Issuing Offers and Letters of Intent

After interviewing the candidates, the recruiter issues offer to the selected candidate. Candidates have the right to accept or decline the offer. An offer should be according to the industry standards.

Sometimes, a company needs to offer higher compensation to attract good talent. This also helps to attract competitor’s candidates that bring customer database with them.

Joining of Candidate and Onboarding process

As soon as the candidate accepts the offer, the process of joining takes place. Sometimes the candidates can join immediately and sometimes they need to notify their previous employer. Generally, the job market has 1-2 months of the notice period.

In case of relocation from another city, the candidate requires time for joining the company. The employee provides a tentative date of joining. The job post can be considered filled only when the candidate joins the company. Preference is given to immediate joining as it decreases the time to fill the position.

About this Job candidates tracking excel template

Once you download this tracking template, you will see that this template is a basic tracker like template. Basically, this template consists of three sections, namely,

  • Header Section,
  • Applicants Details Section, and
  • Interview Process Section

Thus, this tracking template for job candidates and applicants focuses in keeping track of applicants and their interview process once they are shortlisted. HR personnel can easily manage the recruitment process with this template.

Header Section

In the header section, you can capture basic information for your company or client and job description and requirements like company name, company logo, and heading of the sheet Job Candidate Tracker, Job position criteria like job position, department, and minimum experience.

When you define the minimum experience for the job position it will ease the initial scrutinizing process. We will discuss it later in the article.

Applicants Detail Section

Now, the other section is to capture the applicant’s basic information. The initial ten columns of the sheet below the header section contains the applicant’s data as given below:

  • Sr. No: Serial number of the applicant.
  • Application Receive Date: Enter the date on which you have received the application.
  • Name of Candidate: Name of the applicant for the required job posting.
  • Contact No.: Contact number of the applicant.
  • Consultant: Enter the consultant name if the applicant has come through any hiring agency/consultant.
  • Previous Organization: The name of the company where the applicant currently works or the last worked company.
  • Experience in Yrs: Applicant’s years of experience relevant to the job posting.
  • Division: Division in which the applicant currently performs his duty.
  • Application Status: This cell consists of a predefined logical formula to simplify your process of scrutinizing. An IF statement has been used here. This automatically rejects the application if the years of experience are below the required years. It will display “Rejected” in the cell.
      • The formula used here is =IF(G7=””, “”, IF(G7<$D$4, “Rejected”, “”)).
  • Remarks: The first remark section is for recommendations from the scrutinizer.

Interview Process Section

Now, once the candidate is shortlisted, interviews and calls are scheduled. The next section captures the same. The interview process section consists of 3 step interview process.

1st Interview section consists of subheadings like date of interview, the name of interviewer, applicant’s status, and remarks from the interviewer.

Important Metrics for Performance Measurement of Recruitment process

If you are thinking of tracking the performance of the recruitment process in your company or organization, you can refer to some of the key metrics that are given below –

  • Time to hire – Time To Hire is days from the opening of a position and signing of a job contract by the candidate. It is used to evaluate the efficiency of the recruitment process. It also provides insights into which job position takes more time to hire.
  • Time to fill – Time To Fill (TTF) is an HR metric similar to Time To Hire. The difference between the date of the job post opening and the date of an employee joining the organization is Time to Fill. Time to hire considers the days until the candidate signs the contract.
  • Cost per hire – Cost Per Hire or CPH is the total expenses a company incurs for recruiting new staff. It includes starting from the job post advertising to the joining of an employee. Low CPH is advisable while recruiting without compromising the quality of recruits.
  • Post occupancy rate – Post-occupancy is the total number of occupied posts for which a candidate is hired but not joined the organization. It is the percentage of posts occupied against the total number of approved posts. Here the total number of approved posts is the sum of filled/occupied in addition to the vacant posts.
  • Job Vacancy Rate – A Job Vacancy means the number of unfilled or empty posts for which a company is actively indulged in the recruiting process. These include advertisements, interviewing, etc from outside the company. It is the percentage of empty posts against the total number of approved posts at a specific time. The total number of approved posts includes the total of posts (post occupied + vacant) at the end of a specific period.
  • Offer acceptance rate – The Offer Acceptance Rate measures the acceptability of your job offers. It also measures the efficiency of your recruitment process. It provides insights into how attractive is the job offer for the vacant position to applicants. This metric is useful when and where there are competitive talent markets.
  • Offer decline rate – Offer Decline Rate provides the percentage of offers refused by the candidates for a particular post. It gives an insight into your recruiting process and knowing the possible reason for the decline.The reason for the decline can be better offers, work environment, better benefits, company reputation, etc. A company needs to know what is the actual cause of denial.
  • New hire turnover rate – The new hire turnover rate is the percentage of employees leaving the organization during the first year. Lower New Hire Turnover Rate indicates the effectiveness of your recruitment process.

Download and Use Job candidate tracking template in Excel

To use this free Job candidate tracking format in excel, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the zip file of this template, extract the template using WinRAR or 7Zip decompressing software.

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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