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Project management tools

Download Gantt Charts, Project Planner and other project management related tools and templates. Enhance your Project Management with Free Excel Templates.

Calendar & Activity Planner

Manage your activity and plan your days and months ahead using advanced and free excel templates for calendar and activity planner. Get started now, and explore templates.

Financial Statements

Download Free Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Income & Expenditure, Cash Flow Statements, Projected Balance Sheet and other Financial Statement Excel Templates.

Budget & Personal Finance

Organize your personal and business budget for financials, travel plan and wedding and events using free excel templates for budget and personal finance for loan and money.

Frequently asked questions

Excel Templates downloaded from ExcelDownloads, are saved onto your computer/ system and the use of these templates is not restricted to any pre-determined period neither they have any sort of validity period.

Once you hit the download button and save it in your system, you can use / re-use it forever. However, the free templates provided here at Excel Downloads are not intended for sale nor anyone is allowed to sale it forward. Do check our terms and conditions before thinking about re-using these template for commercial purpose.

No. We do not intend to charge a single penny from our users. We offer free templates and calculators/ tools in excel spreadsheet for our users. However, if you refer our privacy policy, we might host third party agency advertisement in our website for our internal survival and meet our day-to-day expenditure. We have taken due care in ads placement so that users are not bothered by these advertisements. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to share the same with us.

Yes. The templates and tools available at Excel Downloads are 100% editable and Users can customize the same as per their requirement. However, be careful while editing formula and cell references within various cells of the excel file. If you want to re-download the template (in any case), you can revisit our website and search for the template using our advanced search tool.

Excel downloads is a free online resource platform.

Creative Excel Templates

Excel and spreadsheet templates help in increasing your productivity. Templates save time and help to showcase wonderful presentations and analysis in an effective and efficient manner with little idea on the functionalities offered by Excel . Furthermore, You can use templates created by Microsoft by opening Excel and going to File > New. You can also download 100’s of templates professionally designed and offered here at Excel Downloads.